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Pet Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give my pets chocolate?

NO!!  Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine which can cause  excitement, tremors, seizures and cardiac arrhythmias. If your pet  ingests any amount of chocolate, please call our clinic immediately.

Do I need to get my dog heartworm blood tested every year?

 It is important to get your dog a heartworm blood test  at least once a year. In accordance with FDA recommendations, our  doctors highly recommend yearly blood tests even if your pet is on the  preventative medicine year round. If the preventative was missed for one  or two months, it is possible that your dog became infected with  heartworms, therefore the blood test is imperative. Ask us for more information. 

How can I tell if my pet is in pain?

 Animals do not necessarily show pain the way humans do. Any behavioral  abnormality can cause pain. Some signs would be depression, limping,  lethargy, no appetite, aggressive behavior and inappropriate  vocalization. Please come see us when you see these signs. Pain can actually further  debilitate an already injured or sick pet. Arthritis is a common cause  of pain, especially in the older pet. Once discomfort and pain are  controlled, pets generally become much more active and are able to play  and enjoy their environment again. 

My pet is going to have surgery. Will there be pain afterwards?

 Your pet may experience some discomfort after surgery, depending on type  of surgery. Your veterinarian will be able to prescribe pain medication  to make the healing period more comfortable. Medications used today to  control pain are safe.  

What is CDS in dogs?

 CDS (Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome) is a clinical  syndrome manifested by one or more behavior problems in older dogs that  cannot be attributed ton an unrelated medical condition such as  neoplasia, infection or organ failure. Come and see us for  more information. 

My dog gets carsick often! What can I do to make the trip easier and more comfortable?

 Do not feed your pet 6-8 hours before the ride starts. Having an empty  or almost empty stomach will most likely make him feel better. And if he  does vomit in the care, there is no food coming up. Some pets travel  better on empty stomachs, while some do need a small meal. Take your dog  on short, short car trips to get him used to motion. Go to the bank  drive-thru. Drive to the mail box and go back home. It is okay to roll  down the window, a little. The fresh air will make your pet feel better.  Take it slower than normal with your pet in the car. Sitting in the  front seat may be better. There tends to be less movement in the front  of your car. Invest in a doggy seatbelt for safety. In extreme cases,  you may let him run from the front to the back seats. Give him a treat.  After a couple of days, start the car and then gradually start taking  the short trips. All this takes time, and if all fails, you may need to consult us for motion sickness medication 

Do my housecats, who do not go outside, need to have ID collars and tags?

 It is always a good idea for all pets to wear identification and proof  of rabies vaccination should they accidentally get outside or if an  unexpected tragedy (fire or burglary) leaves them stranded from home. We  also recommend a Break-away type collar for added protection against  injury should your pet's collar get caught on something. Having a  microchip implanted will aid in identification and reuniting you with  your pet. 

Should I be brushing my dog and cat's teeth?

 Yes! You can slowly establish a pleasant, daily brushing routine with  your pet using patience, treats and special toothbrushes and toothpastes  designed for animals. Proper daily home care may mean less professional  dental prophylaxis in the future. 

My dog is six months old. How should I go about changing from three feedings a day to two a day?

Try  feeding your dog in the morning and then again in the late afternoon or  early evening. Skip the midday meal. Measure the total amount of food  your dog has been eating each day and simply divide that amount in half  and feed this at each feeding. Your dog should not feel hungry as you  will be feeding the same amount in two larger meals rather than three  smaller ones.

When should I change my puppy's diet to an adult dog food formula?

The staff recommends at 12 months for most breeds and at 18 months for  large breed dogs. Remember to change the diet gradually to avoid  gastrointestinal problems. 

Why should I have my pet neutered?

Early altering of pets prevents future medical problems related to the  reproductive tract. Early age spaying of the female pets prevents  mammary cancer and potentially deadly uterine infections, known as  pyometra. Male dogs should be neutered to prevent testicular cancer,  certain kinds of prostate disease, hernias, and bleeding anal tumors.  Male cats should be neutered to decrease the chance of spraying and to  eliminate highly pungent urine odor. 

You can always visit us at Ramsey Veterinary Clinic during our normal business hours for any specific question(s).